We are a national network of individuals who are passionate about access and inclusive design

In 1991 a  group of dedicated local authority professionals came together to form the Access Officers Association. Over time the membership grew nationwide and opened its doors to anyone with an interest in access and inclusion and became The Access Association.

Our aim is to encourage the creation of a barrier free inclusive environment that is accessible for everyone; including disabled people.

The Association is about providing peer support, sharing knowledge and having an influential voice.

The Association is an essential resource for everyone committed to improving access, working to:

  • Support people working in access and disability fields
  • Facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience amongst members
  • Promote development and training of access professionals and volunteers
  • Seek to ensure consistency in practice and standards
  • Monitor and advise on the effectiveness of current legislation
  • Liaise with other organisations locally, regional and nationally
  • Advise on technical matters


We are a not for profit membership organisation registered in England and Wales (Company No. 04225719) and are committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all our members.


Photo of people meeting round a brown wooden table